Fourteen Hills will accept submissions from February 15th, 2021 through June 15th 2021 for publication in Fourteen Hills Issue 28, due to be published in Spring 2022. 

We accept the following unpublished unsolicited submissions

  • POETRY: Up to 3 poems (maximum 7 pages)
  • FICTION: 1 short story or novel excerpt (maximum 20 pages or 6000 words)
  • FLASH FICTION: 3 pieces of flash fiction (1000 words per piece)
  • CREATIVE NONFICTION: 1 piece of literary creative nonfiction (maximum 20 pages or 6000 words)
  • EXPERIMENTAL or CROSS-GENRE: Up to 10 pages of experimental or cross-genre literature (including graphic stories, 10-minute plays, 3000 words maximum if prose)
  • VISUAL ART: 3 to 10 pieces of visual art, must be a series

Submission Guidelines: 

  • All written submissions must be in .doc or .docx file format (Microsoft Word or Open Office files) 
  • Cover letter section should include brief introduction, contact information, selected publication history, and any other relevant information. Cover letter should not be written as third person biography. 
  • If you have questions about the status of your subscription, please contact us at
  • Writers and artists may submit only once, in a single genre, per submission period. Current submission period is: 2/15/2021 through 6/15/2021 (issue published in spring 2022)
  • Submissions which do not follow our guidelines will not be considered. 

As we are now an annual journal, please expect a wait time of 4-8 months depending on when you submit, as much of the review occurs during the fall. 

Once published in our journal, contributors may submit again after two years.

If your submission is accepted for publication in the journal, you will receive two free copies of the journal issue that your work appears in, and a discount on additional copies of the issue.

Beginning March of 2016, we are now charging a small service fee ($2) for submissions*. This administrative fee helps fund our online submission system and ensures that Fourteen Hills will continue as an outlet for exciting and diverse new work. (*Submission fees are waived for current subscribers to Fourteen Hills. To support us as a subscriber, please visit our Subscriptions page.)

 Neurodivergent Black & White Visual Art submissions can be up to 10 images

  • Submission images must be at least 1 inch by 1 inch in dimension and in black and white.
  • Raster files (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf and .tiff) are accepted and must be at least 300 ppi in resolution.
  • We also accept vector files (.ai, .eps, and .svg).
  • Please label each image with your last name (you may upload up to 10 individual files--zip files ARE accepted, however, the images then cannot be labeled individually and are more likely to get lost)
  • Cover letter section: please include brief introduction; contact information; selected publication history; an image list that includes title, medium, size and year of each image; and any other relevant information. Please note a cover letter IS NOT a bio and should not be written as third person. There is a separate section for biographical statements. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Submissions for Special Features are reviewed during the Winter, with responses going out in early spring. 

NOTE: "Neurodivergent" (for the purposes of submission guidelines) is open to interpretation.

Thank you for supporting Fourteen Hills with your subscription! 

Beginning June 16th, 2021, our subscription fee will be increased to $16. Subscriptions begin with the next published issue and subscription prices include shipping and handling. All current subscribers are entitled to free online submissions to Fourteen Hills.

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